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Happy August: Do You Know What Today’s “National Day” Is?

3 August 2022

Assisted Living Memory Care Buford GA  
Happy August: Do You Know What Today’s “National Day” Is? - Buford, GA

Hello everyone from your friends and neighbors here at Buford’s Manor Lake Assisted Living and Memory Care. We know that many of you struggle to come up with new ideas on what to discuss with your assisted living loved ones or your memory care loved ones. And we get it. Such “roadblocks” are not unique to our relationships with our elders. So, we have an idea for you to consider.

Visit and bookmark this link to NationalDayCalendar.com. Did you know that “National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day” is in this first week of August? Grab Mom, take here to the store, buy the necessary ingredients for the cookies (don’t forget the milk!), take her home, and make cookies together. If you are geographically separated from her, just call and say “Happy Chocolate Chip Cookie Day”. Let your lovely conversation with her go from there.

In the second week of August, we celebrate “National Family Day”. While we all may not need a reminder to focus on our family, sometimes we get caught up in the business of life. Perhaps there’s never time for the whole family to be together. Occasionally, we realize one family member, or another needs more attention. Time slips by, and we need to check in on a parent or an elderly relative.

There you go. Thirty-one days and countless ways to celebrate life with your loved ones. As always, if you ever have questions regarding professional assisted living services or professional memory care services, contact us anytime!